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About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company


Casual Threads is an India based company, established in the year 2019. The brand has earned for itself a reputation of being consistently classy and fashion forward. We are aiming to deliver the clothing made from exceptional fibers and colours.Being an eminent Manufacturerand Supplier, we strive to take the company as well as its products to new levels.

True men don't just accept comfort, they claim it. Casual Threads builds on this ethic and redefines excellence through an emphasis on fit, quality,and style in men's garments. We believe in a simple design,so we avoid all unnecessary details. What remains on each garment is only essential with the right design, right material,and right proportion.



We started with one goal in mind: insanely stylish, comfortable clothes made from the highest quality fabrics we could find and deliver them to you.

At Casual Threads, we believe that the expectation of high quality when purchasing a piece of clothing should not be an exception but the rule.